Rules For Your New Beer Card Game – Thinking & Drinking

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[title size=”3″]The rules are simple:[/title]

– Shuffle the deck of cards
– Place the deck of cards in the middle of the table
– Draw a card and read it aloud
– Everyone answers
– Draw another card from the deck

Because the game will vary each time you play it – new players, new answers – we wanted to make the rules flexible. Besides, for us it’s about the conversation, not keeping score.

You decide what the penalty is if someone tries to skip out on answering a question. You decide whose answer was the best. You decide who buys the next round.

[title size=”3″]Variations[/title]

Feel free to try these other ways to play Thinking & Drinking:

Solo: This variation is just like the one above except ONLY the player who draws the card MUST answer.

Target: Shuffle the deck and deal four cards to each player. Starting with the dealer, present a card to any player. That player must read the question and answer it. The player who presented the card draws a new card from the deck. The player who read and answered the question then presents a card to any player. Continue until all cards are played.

Penalties: While we’re not really into pain, we do think you should have to pay the price if you don’t want to answer the question. We’ll leave what that price is up to you!

Score Card: While we’re not in favor of participation trophies, Thinking & Drinking isn’t about winning, it’s about just enjoying yourself and the people you’re with. Of course, if you do want to heckle and shame the person who offers up the worst answer, we won’t judge.


[title size=”3″]New Rule?[/title]

We welcome players to tweet game play suggestions to us @ThinkingDrink with the hashtag #newrule.