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Thinking and Drinking FAQ


[title size=”3″]Is It Really Free For Breweries To Be Featured On Thinking & Drinking Cards?[/title]


[title size=”3″]For Real, What’s The Catch?[/title]

There’s no catch. We know that people who will play the game will like good beer and we figured this is a way to introduce players to breweries that they may not know.

[title size=”3″]Where Can I Order Thinking & Drinking?[/title]

Thinking & Drinking is currently available through our Kickstarter campaign – Click here

[title size=”3″] Which Breweries Are Included In The First Printing Of Thinking & Drinking?[/title]

Brewery profiles were open to all craft brewers. We emailed, called, visited, posted some ads and had brewers’ guilds help spread the word about Thinking & Drinking.

Since we only have about 300 cards and there are more than 3,000 craft breweries in the United States, we weren’t going to be able to feature everyone this time around.

Don’t worry, we’ll be printing more editions and more versions of the game so we might get them next time. And if you really, really want to see them in the next version, tell them to submit their profile now!

You can see a full list of who has already signed up to be featured on our Supporters page. (We’re not giving away what beer they’ll be featuring … have to keep some things under wraps.)

[title size=”3″] When Is Thinking & Drinking Launching On Kickstarter?[/title]

We are targeting late April. If you’d like, sign up to our newsletter to make sure you are notified.

[title size=”3″]How Do I Play Thinking & Drinking?[/title]

Check out our Rules page for all the details.

[title size=”3″] Do I Have To Drink Beer When Playing Thinking & Drinking?[/title]

Not at all. You can drink cider. You can drink your favorite cocktail. We support artisan brewers and makers of artisan drinks but you can drink whatever you like.

[title size=”3″]Do I Have To Drink When Playing Thinking & Drinking?[/title]

Of course not! Seriously, we want everyone to play responsibly so if you don’t want to drink that’s okay with us. (We’ll still call it Thinking & Drinking though.)

If you have a question that isn’t covered above, feel free to email Jon [at] ThinkingDrinking [dot] Beer.

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Thinking and Drinking - FAQThinking and Drinking - FAQ