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Thinking & Drinking: A Game of Self-Discovery or Self-Destruction

Thinking & Drinking is a craft beer card drinking game featuring more than 300 conversation-starting question cards – each also featuring the profile of a U.S. craft brewery and its flagship beer.

Available in single decks of 54 cards or in 6-packs of decks (six unique decks, the complete set), Thinking & Drinking has everything you need to get the conversation flowing.

Each time you play you’ll learn something new about your friends and we hope you’ll learn something new about beer!

Now that our store provider Celery has moved to join IndieGoGo, we’ve built out a new storefront. You’ll be taken to T&D’s store powered by Square when you click here.

Thinking and Drinking







Thinking and Drinking craft beer card game






Thinking & Drinking: Proud Member of the Brewers Association and GAMA

kickstarter card game - Thinking and Drinkingkickstarter card game - Thinking and Drinking