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Americans Drinking More Craft Beer

Craft Beer Accounted for 11% of the U.S. Beer Market in 2014

For the first time ever, craft beer makes up more than 10% of American beer consumption, the Brewers Association announced today.

According to the Brewers Association, which represents craft brewers, craft brewers produced 22.2 million barrels of beer in 2014, which accounted for an 11 percent share of the beer market in the U.S.

“With the total beer market up only 0.5 percent in 2014, craft brewers are key in keeping the overall industry innovative and growing. This steady growth shows that craft brewing is part of a profound shift in American beer culture—a shift that will help craft brewers achieve their ambitious goal of 20 percent market share by 2020,” said Bart Watson, chief economist, Brewers Association. “Small and independent brewers are deepening their connection to local beer lovers while continuing to create excitement and attract even more appreciators.”

As illustrated in this Brewers Association infographic:

  • The number of breweries operating in the U.S. grew 19% in 2014
  • There are 3,464 breweries with 3,418 craft breweries (1,871 microbreweries, 1,412 brewpubs, and 135 regional craft breweries)

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