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[title size=”3″]Thinking & Drinking:[/title] Craft beer enthusiasts Jon Cooper and Nikki Cooper are the husband and wife creators of  Thinking & Drinking: A Game Of Self-Discovery Or Self-Destruction.


[title size=”3″]Jon Cooper[/title]

Before Thinking & Drinking, Jon worked in the media world as a reporter, photographer, editor and executive for one of the nation’s largest newspaper publishers. During his media days, Jon wrote on subjects from beer to politics (and the mix of both); helped create open and crowdsourced newsrooms; and even met with members of Parliament to talk press freedoms.

At Thinking & Drinking, Jon handles the question writing, brewery outreach, the website, social media and marketing. Jon can be reached  at  jon [at] ThinkingDrinking [dot] com and also on Twitter – @jemersoncooper


[title size=”3″]Nikki Cooper[/title]

Prior to Thinking & Drinking, Nikki launched her own design studio where she works with clients ranging from small start-ups to large corporations on everything from logo concept and design to overall branding.

A trained illustrator, Nikki is Thinking & Drinking’s Creative Director where she’s responsible for the look and feel of the cards, the game … everything. Nikki can be reached at nikki [at] ThinkingDrinking [dot] com and also on Twitter – @lzyrabbitstudio


[title size=”3″]The Concept[/title]

Nikki and Jon have always been interested in craft beer. Nikki loves the label art, the design and the artistry on the bottle. Jon likes the artistry that goes into the bottle.

Realizing they’re too old for games that involve red SOLO cups, Nikki and Jon decided to craft a game that encourages players to focus on each other rather than simply getting drunk.

Thinking & Drinking’s design includes profiles of craft beers as a way to introduce players to breweries and beers that they may not yet know and to celebrate the artistry that is craft brewing.


Thinking & Drinking: Proud Member of the Brewers Association and GAMA

Thinking & Drinking - craft beer enthusiastThinking & Drinking - craft beer enthusiast

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