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2017 Craft Beer Gift Ideas | Christmas Gifts, Stocking Stuffers


The Growler Grip
Have someone on your list who likes to grab-and-go at their favorite brewery? The only down part of growler fills is the beer goes flat unless you drink it in the first couple days. The Growler Grip is designed to keep their beer fresher longer – and they’ve got the science to prove it! Fresh beer is better beer! –


Brewscuits –

Beer For Your Dog
Okay, Brewscuits don’t contain any alcohol but they do have plenty of protein and fiber. Brewscuits are crafted from the spent grain of about a dozen Pennsylvania breweries. The barley, oats and rye are mixed with flour, eggs and flavors like peanut butter, pumpkin or sweet potato to create delicious treats for the four-legged drinking companion on your gift list –


Always Play Responsibly – www.ThinkingDrinking.Beer

No More Awkward Conversations
Thinking & Drinking can’t promise that there won’t be awkward moments when answering one of the more than 300 questions in this conversation-starting card game. Reviewers have called it a “drinking game for people too old for drinking games.” It’s decks of cards packed into a convenient six-pack set to take on the go, to a friend’s house, to the tasting room or to your living room. Each card also features the profile of a craft brewery and their flagship beer – including breweries from all 50 states & D.C. – www.ThinkingDrinking.Beer


                      Perpetual Motion Automotive

A Very Cool Drinking Machine
Park Rube Goldberg and part junkyard treasure, these bottle holders and drink dispensers are crafted by Perpetual Motion Automotive. Yup, this automotive repair shop has uncovered their inner artistry to bring a little extra cool to your cocktail set up. Whether the wine enthusiast on your list is in need of a new way to display their reds and whites, or if you’re looking for a way to dazzle the crafty cocktail drinker in your life, these are worth the look! –


Drink Local –

Give A Gift Of Six
If you’re really stuck for what to give, visit your local brewery or bottle shop and create your own craft beer arrangement. Step 1 – grab a six-pack holder or a box. Step 2 – pick beers you think the recipient might like. Step 3 – encourage sharing once the gift is opened! If you really don’t know where to look, visit the Brewers Association’s website for some help –